What is the best Arena 4 Deck at this time?

This deck is so versatile and powerful and it has brought me from arena 4 to arena 6.
  • Giant Skeleton- The tank of the deck. Use it to make good pushes on opponent towers. It’s bomb can take out barbarians and troops that can counter the giant skeleton.
  • Witch- supports the giant skeleton, great splash damage, if paired with giant skeleton it will be able to take out a tower or large chunks of health.
  • Baby Dragon- strong air troop, counters Valkyrie, barbarians, great AOE damage
  • Minion Horde- counters balloon, Valkyrie, barbarians, hog, prince. very good for defense and can be played on offense.
  • Prince- If left unchecked, it is one of the most devastating cards in the game. Very fast and deals high damage. My favorite pushing card.
  • Arrows Eliminates large hordes of troops such as skeleton army or minion horde. Helps clear out troops that counter giant skeleton.
  • Barbarians- Mainly for defense, counters prince and hog
  • Spear Goblins- Ranged and ground support. One of my most favorite cards in the game. Can stop many pushes or buy time for you to defend. Can take out balloon, prince and other pushes.
General Gameplan:
Early game to mid game: start with giant skeleton in the back. If opponent pushes other lane, then use barbarians or minion horde to defend prince or hog. If opponent does not push other lane, then put witch or baby dragon to support giant skeleton. If opponent overplays, then use prince to push other lane. The main goal is to get the first crown before your opponent.
Late game: At this point it will be hard to get a tower because the opponent will probably be able to counter your giant skeleton push. Try to split push. Use giant skeleton and spear goblins on one lane to attract some attention then you use prince to push other lane. In conclusion, this is a strong deck that can counter many different pushes and attacks but at the same time it can also take down enemies with ease.

Arena 4 Deck that got me to Arena 8!


This deck is mainly worked around pumping ahead in elixir and counterattacking your opponent. One of the best things about this deck is that the cards used in the deck are not particularly expensive, but at the same time, when combined, the cards form a very deadly push. Because of this, you can form killer pushes wave after wave without using too much elixir to overwhelm your opponent. Elixir collector: if you have this in your starting hand, then you’ve got a great hand. Wait until you have 8+ elixir at the start then deploy the collector behind one of your towers to profit elixir. If you don’t have the collector in your starting hand, simply play defensively and slowly cycle to the collector. Giant: this is the key to your push. It’s not only tanky but also targets buildings. Pair him up with a musketeer and you will have a push going. Musketeer: this is a very versatile troop. Pair her with a giant to form a push or use her to defend against your opponent’s troops. Either way, this is a great card Valkyrie: the Valkyrie is both offensive and defensive. Pair her with a giant along with musketeer to take out cards such as the skeleton army, or use her to defend. Baby dragon: a very good card that deals area splash damage. Pair him with your giant, musketeer and Valkyrie push to assist in any distraction troops or use him to defend against troops, especially minions or minion hordes. Cannon: a great defensive building to lure troops to the side such as hogs and pekkas. Both cheap and effective. Fireball: this is such a versatile card. It’s perfect against taking out troops, especially barbarians. Or you could use it to squeeze final damage on your opponents tower for the win. Miner: you could consider this as the assassin of the deck. Once your opponent’s tower has locked onto your giant, deploy the miner next to the your opponent’s tower. While the tower is busy trying to take out the giant, your miner is left untouched and is killing the tower stealthily. Final notes: Giant+musketeer+Valkyrie+baby dragon+miner=deadly push Start the game slowly Pump up on elixir Good luck!